Medistus Antivirus

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Medistus Antivirus is a medical device product with a novel impact.

Kistosyn® 100 extract contains polyphenols and  with the help of gum arabic it forms a protective film over the mouth and throat mucous membranes. This protective barrier leads to a physical (mechanical) barrier against viruses and bacteria which prevents their penetration into body cells and their further propagation. Due to this physical effect resistance development is not possible.

Medistus Antivirus

  • Acts as a protective film
  • Forms a natural barrier
  • Assists preventively and at the first sign of infection
  • Alleviates cough and dry cough

In which cases shall Medistus Antivirus be applied?

  • To support by physical means the natural barrier function of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa against infectious viruses and bacteria.
  • Also applicable at the first signs of scratching in the throat.
  • For the prevention of infectious and inflammatory airways diseases of any origin by physical (mechanical) barrier formation on the pharyngeal mucosa.
  • For the alleviation of cough and dry cough.

Active substance: gum arabic, Kistosyn® 100 extract.
Other components: maltitol, sorbitol, water, ascorbic acid, citric acid, fl avour, vegetable oil, stevia extract, peppermint oil. Without preservatives and colorants. Sugar-free, glutenfree, lactose-free. Store in a cool, dry place and protect from light.

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